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Cloud Architect


We are now recruiting a Cloud Architect for one of our customers. You will be working from the customers offices in Stockholm. Within our team, we are around 10 international and highly skilled developers who share a passion for software development. 

We are working cross-functionally and methodologies. Currently, we are working with some exciting projects such for our customers both on site and remotely. You will be a part of a team working closely together with our customers who are some of the biggest and/or fastest growing organizations in the Nordics.

Cloud Architect 

You love working on complex problems, understanding how scale changes solutions to those problems, and leveraging cloud platforms such as AWS to make those solutions have low overhead and maintenance while letting them perform at a high level.

You love working on AWS but you also know its limitations and shortfalls. You have spent many years working on the platform and have architected multiple solutions at scale while managing costs and performance considerations.

You get serverless. From Lambda and Dynamo to Fargate and S3 you appreciate the value brought by serverless solutions and know how to use them. Working serverless solutions that need to communicate between accounts and regions doesn't scare you. Cloudformation templates and the Serverless Application Model are things you are comfortable with.

You've learned a lot and you are hungry to keep learning. You have a wide understanding about cloud products and services, especially on AWS but also recognize that there is always more to learn and are hungry for that knowledge. Being asked to figure out how a new product might fit into our existing architecture is an exciting challenge for you, even if you have never used that product before.

You know and love best practices. Security up front and secure by design? Check. Separation of concerns? Check. Understanding the customer before you start work? Check. Balancing short term vs long term cost along with performance and maintainability? Not a problem for you. CI\CD Pipelines and deployment strategy.

You love making others better. You'll help us create reusable patterns so that engineering teams can work with you to solve a problem and then when they have a similar problem, can reapply the same thinking to solve that problem.

You are a servant leader. You'll lead the team towards discovering the best ways to architect solutions while ensuring that each engineer feels supported and understood in what they need to accomplish. When you disagree with someone you do so firmly but lovingly, always ready to clarify your position. You listen and ask questions first before assuming you fully understand what is needed.

Job brief

This role sits on our innovation technology team and as such the types of things you will work on will vary. Here are some examples of what your work might look like:

  • We have a ton of data we want to put into a data warehouse. We think we want to use redshift but aren't sure if we should put the data their first, or in s3 until we have it fully categorized.
  • We have a website and part of the website requires users to login. We want to transition that user base into cognito, but aren't sure the best way to do that.
  • We need to build a bunch of API's around a data set and want to use cloudformation templates along with SAM to create all some lambda functions to serve as those api's.
  • We have a CRM and want to link some additional external data to the data in the CRM and want to find a really efficient way to link data between the two.
  • Our Director of Data science is building a data lake and wants to know best practices for that on AWS.
  • We are building a web application that will be used in sub Saharan Africa as well as South America. We want to make sure the application loads efficiently in both regions.
  • We have some IOT devices measuring temperature and rainfall levels at our projects and we need to stream that data to a centralized location. We aren't sure if we need Kinesis for this project or if we should just post the data to a lambda.
  • We need to do some really deep data analysis and a developer wrote a lambda function to do it. We need help deciding if we need a container instead because the code might take a long time to run sometimes.

Ultimately, you'll be asked to help select, configure, and organize products and deployments on cloud platforms in order to best support multiple projects while trying to ensure the solutions we build are both flexible and where possible reusable.



  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent relevant academic qualifications.
  • General understanding with cloud computing concepts, deployment models, and advantages / disadvantages to help guide users. Ability to provide operations / technical customer support in English via phone, e-mail, and chat Strong troubleshooting knowledge and experience 2 years of experience with Azure and/or AWS 2+ years of Unix/Linux systems administration experience 2+ years of Windows systems administration experience 2+ years of cloud computing experience and knowledge 2+ years of experience working as part of a Service Desk, NOC or IT operations team with responsibility to respond and resolve incidents in adherence to Service Level Agreements and defined processes
  • Broad understanding of cloud computing and virtualization technologies such as hypervisors and orchestrators as well as knowledge of the cloud computing and virtualization marketplace, including an understanding of the current offerings of other private and public cloud providers.
  • Experience facilitating conversations with disparate stakeholders to drive resolution of decisions to support processes and operations.
  • Understanding of Identity Federation, Enterprise Single Sign On, and cloud based access management.


What we offer

  • Modern offices in Stockholm and Helsingborg with the possibility to work remotely. Observer that depending on the customer project you can be asked to work from their offices within Sweden and the Nordics. 
  • A flexible way of work - have a lunch workout without having to rush back, leave/pick up the kids from school? This is no problem if you make sure your team is happy and you deliver your work
  • A generous health and benefits package with wellness grant, ”give me a break”-days, employee events, yearly company events, free breakfast every Friday, attractive bonus system. 
  • Influence in what joint activities are being conducted, for example: ping pong table, massage chairs, gaming consoles etc.
  • Development programs to deepen your knowledge and broaden the competence you would like to expand on.

Does it sound  interesting? Come join us or share it with a friend! Just use the “Apply” button and submit your application!

If you have any questions or want to know more, do not hesitate to contact Henrik Ekberg for questions about the company or the position at 070 338 20 15 or henrik@autogrowth.se. 


Skicka ansökan

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Vasagatan 16
111 20 Stockholm Vägbeskrivning jobb@autogrowth.se +46 70 33 82 015

Varför ska du jobba hos Autogrowth?

Hos Autogrowth får du en arbetsplats att växa och utvecklas på. För oss är inte det viktigaste att du har rätt utbildning eller tidigare erfarenhet. Vi fokuserar istället på kompetens och personlighet. 

Detta gör att vi har skapat en unik arbetsplats där varje individ får plats och utrymme att växa och utvecklas.

  • Karriärmöjligheterna

    Vi strävar efter att alla våra anställda ska ha de bästa karriärmöjligheterna och förutsättningarna för att växa hos Autogrowth.

  • Flexibel Arbetsplats

    Hos oss har du möjlighet att arbeta både från något av våra kontor i Sverige eller hemifrån. Förutsatt at du inte har uppdrag på plats hos kund :)

  • Företags Event

    Vi annordnar med jämna mellanrum både seminarium, workshops och andra event där vi bjuder in branschkollegor och kunder.
    Utöver det arrangeras det varje år en kick-off resa någonstans i Europa.

  • Fredagsfrukost

    Varje Fredag bjuder vi på frukost både på vårt kontor i Stockholm och Helsingborg.

    Psst! Är du konsult ute hos kund, köp din frukost och skicka kvittot till oss :)

Autogrowth som arbetsplats

Vi tillbringar i snitt 225 dagar per år på jobbet. Vi tycker därför det absolut viktigaste hos oss är trivsel, välmånade och en utmannade arbetsplats. 

På Autogrowth försöker vi skapa en familjär och lättsam stämning och plats att växa på. 

Tron på att olika personligheter och bakgrunder skapar de bästa förutsättningarna för ett starkt och sammanhållt team. 


Jobbar du redan på Autogrowth Nordic AB?

Var med i rekryteringen och hitta din nästa kollega!


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